An Introduction to Subscription Coaching


1. Who are your coaches? Our coaches are all sourced individually and invited to join our panel. We are a growing business and add new coaches when Mr or Mrs Right comes along. Diversity of expertise is important to us so our coaches are all trained and certified in different styles and methods, with different corporate and cultural backgrounds.

We meet regularly to discuss best practice, source new ideas for our coachees and eat falafel.

2. What if I need more coaching sessions for my staff? Simply add them, and if they take you into a lower price bracket then they’ll cost less.

3. What if our organisation doesn’t use all the coaching hours we bought? That’s great - it means you have happy and well-developed staff. We can carry over up to a quarter of your unused hours every month. If you consistently use fewer hours we can reduce the hours you are billed for. 

4. What if my colleagues don’t arrive for their sessions? There’s usually a good reason for that. If we are given up to 24 hours' notice then that hour will stay available. If less than 24 hours' notice is given then we have to mark it as used up. 

5. How does Touch-Point coaching and emergency coaching work? Stuff happens without warning and sometimes a colleague can use some extra support, advice or someone to thrash ideas about with at the very last minute. Soon they’ll be able to book coaching online anytime but till then, they can simply contact their assigned coach. If their coach is busy your account co-ordinator will put your colleague in touch with an available coach with the necessary expertise pronto. 

6. What if it simply doesn’t work out for us? Then we stop supporting you and your organisation, no questions asked, no cancellation fees. Only sessions already used will be charged and you’ll be refunded your subscription fee.

7. What if my colleague doesn’t get on with their coach? There has to be chemistry between a coach and their coachee. If there’s no spark then we find out why and try again with a coach better suited to the coachee. 

8. No one really wants to work very hard over the summer, can we suspend our subscription for a while? Of course. You can suspend your subscription for up to 6 weeks per year. Just let us know in advance.

9. I have colleagues all over the world who would benefit from our coaching subscription. Can you coach across borders? We don’t believe in borders and love to coach all around the world. We’re widely travelled expat and local coaches who understand the subtleties between different cultures because we’ve experienced a wide variety ourselves.

10. Will coaching for a CEO be more expensive than a mid-level manager? Good question. We know that senior executive coaching is usually much more expensive than coaching for a junior manager because you need a much more skilled and experienced coach. Subscription coaching spreads the cost, and the love, around evenly so you pay for the number of coaching hours only – not the skill level of the coach.

11. How do I know that I’m getting the right coach for each coachee? Ask your coachee, they’ll confirm it for you.


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