Executive Coaching Tools And Ideas To Get Ahead

 Every month we explore a different coaching topic, methodology or tool through short how-to videos by our executive coaches or longer interviews with the coaches behind the theories. 


Jane Gunn interviews Tremaine Du Preez about the essence of good decision making and raising your children as critical thinkers. - - March 2017

"Have you got a way of thinking about thinking? This interview is a delightful and insightful listen that starts with 'meta-decision making' and works through other very interesting concepts!" Celynn Erasmus


Delegate to Motivate - February 2017

Delegation is a powerful motivational tool - if done correctly. In this short video, executive coach and author, Tremaine du Preez, explains how to get it right.

How To Give Feedback That Changes Behaviours - January 2017

Giving feedback that actually leads to positive change isn't easy to do. Executive coach, Tremaine du Preez, gives 2 tips to help you do this more easily and effectively.

Impactful Interviews with Jeremy Nicholas, FPSA - December 2016

BBC broadcaster and President of The Professional Speaking Association - London, Jeremy Nicholas chats about creating impactful interviews and engaging speeches. With Tremaine du Preez and Jimmy Chew.

The World Beyond Coaching and the Journey to Coaching Mastery with Aboodi Shabi, PCC - October 2016

A thought-provoking exploration of the executive coach's journey to mastery. With insights into the external pressures faced by the coach, including some enemies of good coaching.

The Magic of Ontological Coaching with Sylvana Caloni, PCC - September 2016

See how 'who you are' affects how successful you can be as professional Certified Coach, Sylvana Caloni, explores the transformational power of Ontological Coaching in this month's Coach to Coach interview on Coaching Club TV. 



The Art and Science of Coaching Supervision with David Leeper - July 2016  

Supervision is an essential part of being an executive coach. In this month's Coach to Coach interview, accredited supervisor and master coach, David Leeper, discusses the role of supervision, tools used and the future of the practice.

June 2016

Do you use a Metadecision? It is the most important part of decision making. This series will teach you how to make better decisions. Hosted by Tremaine du Preez - Executive coach and specialist in decision making. 

May 2016

Today's decisions create your future. This series will teach you how to make better ones. Hosted by Tremaine du Preez - behavioural economist and specialist in decision making.


April 2016 - Coaching in a Thinking Environment with Linda Aspey

Coaching Club TV explores Nancy Kline's Thinking Environment with executive coach Linda Aspey. We discuss this powerful approach to leadership development and tackle some FAQ's about Time to Think in Coaching. #LindaAspey Coaching for Leaders, #Time To Think

April 2016

Emotional Intelligence: Part 3 - Why Emotional Intelligence is so much more than Emotional Regulation and How Emotions Affect Our Decision Making

March 2016

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Part 1: What are Emotions?

In part 1 of a 4 part series on EI, executive coach Tremaine du Preez explores the neuroscience of emotions.




Part 2: Self Awareness

What are your emotional red flags? Coach Tremaine du Preez helps you explore your emotional language and lay the foundation for the 3rd domain of EI: emotional regulation.

February 2016

Resilience: Raising Your Resilience Quotient for the Year Ahead with coach Maria Kassova, MBA

Our Feb Club Lunch is all about increasing your resilience quotient. Joining us is Maria Kassova - International coach, graduate of the School of Positive Psychology, expert in resilience and all round super woman with tips and tools to plump up your resilience.


January 2016

Goal Getting: 3 Secrets To Achieving Your Toughest Goals In 2016

Only 10% of us will achieve our goals in 2016. Join Coaching Club founder, Tremaine du Preez, to help you move towards your dreams a little faster this year. In this 30 minute webinar Tremaine will share three techniques used by executive coaches to help clients achieve a particularly challenging goal. 

View a summary of January's webinar here.

Coming up in 2017

Time Management: Simple Secrets To Getting The Important Stuff Done Everyday

Feedback Part 1 - Creating a feedback culture

Feedback Part 1 - Creating a feedback culture

Feedback Part 2 - Effective performance reviews and feedback sessions

Feedback Part 3 - Creating a coaching culture

Groupthink Part 1 - The dangers of groupthink - identifying symptoms

Groupthink part 2 - Teamthink solutions