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An Introduction to Coaching

Business or corporate coaching is a support tool and self-development resource which is used to promote positive change in any aspect of an individual’s life. 

There is usually a partnership between the coach, the executive and the organisation which has commissioned the coaching. However, a growing trend is for individuals to hire a coach in their personal capacity to implement rapid change in their working or personal lives. 

Coaching is a time limited, interactive, goal specific, action-orientated approach to learning.  It is always tailored to the individual and inline with organisational objectives, where applicable. It aims to develop new ways of thinking, communicating, acting, learning, leading and relating to others in order to increase individual and organisational effectiveness. 

What happens in the coaching sessions?

The first session is always an exploratory session. Here the client is able to assess the coach and what benefit he or she would gain by pursuing the coaching relationship. The coach is also able to determine if they have the right skill set to achieve the client’s coaching objectives. The way forward will be mapped out, including the specifics of the coaching structure, identifying the development areas that will be focussed upon and setting goals and timelines where applicable.

Thereafter every session will be guided by very clear pre-specified objectives and outcomes. The role of the coach is to help the client gain clarity around their needs and objectives and formulate and support an action plan to reach these objectives. The coach challenges existing ideas and thinking processes to lead to new ways of thinking and new behaviours. The coaching structure creates a safe place to brainstorm or experiment with new behaviours or ideas and gain direction and motivation where these are lacking. 

Various tools are employed depending on the coachee’s needs. The primary tool of coaching is conversation and debate. Introspection and role play are also important in learning new behaviours.

What coaching is not

Coaching is not therapy: therapy focusses on resolving negative or disruptive emotions and behaviours resulting from past events. Coaching is forward looking and goal-orientated. Yes, we can discuss thepast but only where it is relevant to achieving current goals.

Coaching is not mentoring: I most likely do not know more about your industry or profession than you do. A mentor is someone who has already achieved what you are working towards and can give you specific career-orientated information. There is a hierarchy in a relationship with a mentor but not with a coach. 

Coaching is not consulting: a consultant will fix a problem for you whilst a coach helps you develop new ways of dealing with and solving stumbling blocks and developing yourself professionally.

Your commitment

Coaching takes time and money so let’s not waste either. I cannot make change happen for you, you have to commit to being open to change and exploring new possibilities. I will challenge you, take the opposite point of view and question your motives. This usually results in healthy debate but may feel uncomfortable initially. Remember: my job is to find your blind spots, challenge your existing perspectives to help you gain new ones and move forward. 

We will set goals for you to accomplish between one session and the next. If the suggested actions are too much, say so.  If you want to achieve more, say this too.  

Remember, I expect you to do what you say you’ll do — if something comes up, you agree to renegotiate with me rather than get to the next session with items not complete. From time to time, I’ll also make direct requests, such as “Will you accomplish X by the end of the week?”  Please feel free to accept, counter-offer, or decline.   


We take confidentiality very seriously. Our sessions are private and we do not discussed or repeat any aspect of our conversations outside of our meetings or without your permission. Where a third party is involved, such as an employer, specific reports and updates are defined. In such cases no report or information is submitted without your knowledge. 

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